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Is It Possible To Affix Invisalign After Getting Dental Implants?

Invisalign Treatment Done After Dental Implants | Raleigh

People who do not have a good smile want to improve their smile. If someone is missing a tooth then dental implants can provide a convincing solution. If someone has crooked teeth then invisalign treatment can be of great help. In our previous blog, we have explained can a general dentist carry out Invisalign treatment in Raleigh? Having said that, if a person has missing teeth and misaligned teeth, how will the orthodontist correct it for them? Will they treat them with both dental implants and Invisalign?

Well! Yes, Invisalign is compatible with dental implants and can work magic by improving your smile. Invisalign treatment can be done in 3 different stages before, during, or after dental implants.

Missing Teeth:

A study shows that at least one person is losing a tooth every day. Missing teeth is a very common problem people suffer from. Missing teeth affect the smile of an individual. Thus orthodontists have many solutions for this issue. But some people simply ignore this problem. This leads to leaving a huge gap and bone loss and shifting the remaining teeth.

Crooked/Misaligned Teeth:

Another problem some people struggle with is crooked or misaligned teeth. This issue leads to biting issues, smiles, and wrinkles over time. If this is left untreated, it can also lead to tooth loss.

Along those lines, dental implants treatment or Invisalign treatment in Raleigh will be suggested to you by your orthodontist. Invisaligns can be done either before, during, or after dental implants.

Let's Look at The Invisalign Treatment in Raleigh:

  1. Before:

    Most orthodontists will advise Invisalign before dental implants in Raleigh. It makes the process easier and allows the orthodontist more time to work on the smile before placing the dental implants.

  2. During:

    If needed, orthodontists provide dental implants during the Invisalign treatment. The orthodontist only needs to check the right order of the sequences and make sure that the dental implant is in a stable position.

  3. After:

    Like it is stated above, even if you have dental implants, you can still be treated with Invisalign. Your orthodontist will create a proper treatment plan that will focus on the teeth around the dental implant, thus straightening the crooked teeth.

    Even if invisalign treatment is done before, after, or during dental implants, you will get the benefits from both implants and Invisalign.


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