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Can a General Dentist Carry Out Invisalign?

Can General Dentistry Do Invisalign Treatment? | Raleigh

Do you want to have a bright white smile? Are you longing to have perfectly aligned teeth? Is invisalign in raleigh a recommended treatment for overlapping front teeth? If you are looking for answers to these questions, Invisalign Treatment might just be the right option for you! If you live in or around Raleigh and Cary and are looking for different options for General Dentistry in Raleigh or Invisalign Treatment, visit Smiles of Cary today.

Whom to Consult for Invisalign Treatment in Raleigh:

The traditional metal braces are almost out of fashion and today many of them prefer clear and transparent braces. A majority of the Americans prefer Invisalign treatments in Raleigh to fix their teeth alignment issues. But, here's the question: can you get an Invisalign treatment from a general dentist or a dentist who offers options for general dentistry?

Invisalign Treatment in Raleigh:

It falls in the category of orthodontic treatment. But it can also be administered by a general dentist as well. Any dentist who learns to treat their patient's smile with Invisalign can help you with Invisalign treatment in Raleigh. There is no need for a specialty dentist to give you an Invisalign treatment but rather a general dentist would be an ideal dentist in Cary to give you the treatment.

The Treatment Process of Invisalign in Raleigh:

Invisalign treatment is the ideal method to rectify your smile. However, it does not help with issues such as bites or any other major teeth alignment issues. The Invisalign treatment at Smiles of Cary will be spread over a set of a few weeks. Once you visit Smiles of Cary our expert dentists will take an x-ray to determine whether you should opt for Invisalign treatment with a general dentistry in Raleigh.

An Exclusive Treatment Plan:

Once you are good to take the invisalign treatment, our dentists will prepare a custom treatment plan spread over a few weeks. In the first few weeks, you will be advised to wear the aligners close to 22 hours every day. In addition to that, you will have a brief checkup with a dentist in Cary. This will continue until your teeth reach the stage of ideal alignment.


If you are looking for an Invisalign treatment in Raleigh, consider visiting Smiles of Cary for an invisalign treatment. Speak to Dr. Charles Ferzli at Smiles of Cary. Browse through our website of Smiles of Cary for more information. Dial us at (919) 646-6538 and fulfill your smile goals today!

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