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A good-looking smile is a natural asset that can boost your self-confidence to a great extent. You tend to smile more openly when you are happy about the way your teeth and gums appear. On the contrary, when you are unhappy about your crooked or misaligned teeth, you may tend to cover your mouth when smiling or may hesitate to smile in public. In simple words, crooked or misaligned teeth can restrict you from smiling openly and being yourself. An orthodontic treatment can address such issues through planned teeth movement. Among the treatment options in orthodontics, Invisalign® is a revolutionary solution since it helps you move teeth while the world around you does not know about the treatment. This invisible way of teeth straightening has let us spread beautiful smiles in Cary, Raleigh NC and surrounding communities. If you think your teeth are misaligned or your bite is not right, call our office to make an appointment and meet our dentist Dr. Ferzli. Our team can diagnose your case and come-up with the most suitable orthodontic treatment option for you.

What is malocclusion? Why should it be treated?

Our jaws, by nature, are designed to hold 16 teeth. The teeth in the upper jaw come in contact with the teeth in the lower jaw in a bite. The position of teeth and the way they are aligned plays a key role in the correctness of the bite. Ideally, for the bite to be proper, the teeth in the upper jaw should be slightly ahead of the teeth in the lower jaw. When there is variation in position of any tooth, there is deviation in the bite and the condition is termed as malocclusion. There are many types of problems with the bite, cross bite, open bite, closed bite to name a few. These bite problems must be addressed in order to improve the efficiency of biting and chewing functions and to prevent dental health problems.

Problems caused by malocclusion and crooked teeth:

  • When the teeth are not in right positions or are improperly aligned, the biting and chewing may not be efficient. This means that the patient may have to put more effort to chew same amount of food as compared to a person with a normal bite.
  • There may be teeth wear because of improper positioning of teeth.
  • Crooked teeth may affect speech.
  • Crooked teeth may make the smile look less attractive.
  • There may be higher risk of gum and tooth infection since it may be difficult to maintain oral hygiene when the teeth are improperly aligned.

Invisalign® - How it works?

Invisalign® is an orthodontic appliance made by Align Technology. The aligners are made of smooth plastic that is convenient to wear. A series of invisalign clear aligners should be used by the patient to bring about transformation in the smile. The aligners are designed to apply pressure on the planned surfaces of teeth to bring about teeth movement stage-by-stage. Our dentist firstly takes impressions of your teeth to find out the status of your bite. A treatment plan is set once our dentist confirms that the malocclusion can be treated using Invisalign® technique in Cary, Raleigh NC. The treatment plan is communicated to the lab where a 3D digital model of the plan is generated. Any changes to the plan are communicated between the lab and our office and the final model goes out as input for production of Invisalign® aligners. A series of aligners are manufactured based on the treatment plan.

Patients should wear the aligners for at least 22 hours of a day except when eating and brushing teeth. Each pair of aligners should be used for about 2 weeks and the patient should visit our office at least once in 6 weeks to check the progress of treatment. On completion of the treatment, retainers are provided to the patient to ensure that the teeth do not come back to previous positions.

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