Chairside Economical Restoration for Esthetic Ceramics is an advanced technology used to fabricate ceramic tooth restorations in a single visit. Thanks to this technology, our dentist can restore your damaged/decayed tooth in a single visit and there is no need for a temporary restoration. The technology uses advanced Computer Aided Designing and Computer Aided Manufacturing to create restorations to great accuracy. Through digital imaging, we create a 3D model of your tooth and use this as an input to fabricate dental crowns and other restorations.

Periolase (LANAP)

Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure involves the use of advanced PerioLase lasers to treat diseased gum tissues. The best part of laser treatment is that there is less pain and no bleeding involved. Through this technology, our dentist can selectively treat the inflamed tissues, which is a great advantage. Since there is no sound and no bleeding patients who are anxious can feel more comfortable. The recovery time is low for PerioLase laser gum treatment.

Florida probe

We have an advanced periodontal probing system at our office which helps us accurately record the findings from the examination of gums and plan the treatment accordingly. The computerized Florida probe has a hand piece which is used for examination and software converts the findings into numbers and records it in the computer system. The examination is accurate and the findings can be used to set a perfect treatment plan. Florida probe system can be customized to find out a number of things including bleeding, pocket depth, gingival attachment, risk assessment, recession etc.

Perio Protect®

Post-treatment care at home plays an important role in the success of periodontal treatment. Perio Protect® is a company which is specialized in design and manufacturing of appliances that can be used for treating gums. At our office we provide, Perio Tray® to our patients, which when used in combination with professional gum care, comes out with great results. The trays are designed to deliver medicines to the pockets of gums. By wearing Perio Tray® which resembles mouthguards, bacteria can be kept under control after professional cleaning.


The advanced scanning system from iTero® helps us examine better. It is fast, it is accurate and it is wonderful in functionality. The scanning system generates 3D models with great precision. It gives us a wonderful picture of the oral cavity within minutes. We can educate patients about their case easily using iTero® scanning equipment.


TRIOS® is another scanning system we have at our office which helps us with diagnosis. The scanning system helps us generate 3D images of the oral cavity and make informed decisions about the treatment. The system also helps us measure the color shade which is important for cosmetic procedures. The system generates pictures with real life colors, which is a great advantage. The equipment has been handy in a wide-range of restorative, cosmetic and other types of dental procedures.

ZOOM whitening

ZOOM an advanced tooth whitening procedure is very effective in brightening smiles by few shades. A special whitening gel and the ZOOM light are used during the course to clear stain. The technology has helped us serve our patients better. The entire process takes less than an hour. The gums and lips are well-protected before performing the procedure. The transformation in the smile makes the process delightful for our patients.

Digital Radiography With Carestream And Dexis Sensors

Digital radiography has an important place in dental diagnosis. Great quality dental examination requires great quality equipment and sensors. That is why we have Carestream and Dexis sensors at our office. Thanks to these sensors we are able to generate great quality images of the dentition with great accuracy. The sensors and the computer software are wonderfully integrated to come up with results that are most crucial for the dentist to find out. The sensors are quick and the output from them is world-class. They can be used in determining a wide-range of dental problems.

Anatomage Software Used For Implant Placement

Planning the position of the implant is an important step in dental implant restoration process. This planning involves use of various types of scanning equipment to check the volume of the bone and map the position of implant according to the need of the dentition. With Anatomage’s implant planning software, diagnosis and treatment planning for implant and other restorative procedures is very simple and effective. The software allows our dentist to plan the position of the implant and abutment and display the expected results to the patient so that he/she can get an idea of the surgery and make an informed decision. The output from the software can be used to fabricate dental prostheses through CAD/CAM technology.

Orthodontics Cephalometric Tracing

Cephalometric analysis has applications in the area of orthodontics. The analysis involves the study of skeletal and dental relations. This study helps in treatment planning, checking the progress of treatment and to ensure the results are achieved at the end of the treatment. The analysis requires cephalometric tracing which is an overlay drawing of the cephalometric radiograph. We have high-end equipment and technology to perform cephalometric tracing at our office. The technology has helped us achieve outstanding results for our patients.


Invisalign is a system of clear aligners used by orthodontists to straighten teeth. These removable aligners are made of smooth BPA free plastic. They have proven to be one of the finest ways of treating simple orthodontic conditions since the aligners are invisible. It is easy to maintain oral hygiene with these aligners since a patient can remove them when cleaning teeth. The treatment duration may vary from 18 months to 24 months based on the condition. A series of aligners are custom-made for the patient and each pair should be replaced with another after every 2 weeks.

Nomad X-Ray Tube Technology

Diagnostic X-rays play a key role in dental care. In our mission to serve the best to our patients, we have the Nomad X-rays system at our office which is a portable and more convenient compared to conventional x-ray system. The technology produces clearer images and the time taken to produce these images is low. The system is designed keeping in mind the convenience of the dentist and the patient and the flexibility with which the x-rays can be taken. The equipment uses advanced digital sensors to produce images of high-quality.

Cbct Carestream 9300

The CS 9300 CBCT system from Carestream is a three-in-one low dose solution for dental practices. The range of the equipment makes it suitable for performing examination for most of the dental cases including TMJ, trauma and dental implantology. The equipment produces high-quality images with low dosage of radiation. The equipment is quick, flexible and convenient to use. It gives out great results to help our team in coming up with solutions and treatment plans.

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