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Dental Technology – Smiles of Cary

To offer superior dental care to our patients we are always at the forefront of the latest dental technologies. Our latest dental equipments allow us to reduce chair-time and enhance the precision of dental care.

  • Surgically clean air: We use Surgically Clean Air Purifiers to improve the quality of air for our patients and staff. This purification system helps reduce spread of illness by killing airborne viruses and germs.
  • DentAir Vac: In order to perform the placement and removal of the amalgam filling safely we use vacuum system to remove potentially toxic vapors from the immediate breathing area of patient, dentist and the staff.
  • LibertyBoss Amalgam separator: While being in compliance with environment protection laws we use amalgam separator and avoid mercury from entering our water systems.
  • iTero Digital Scanner: Intraoral scanners from iTero can create a 3D image of the teeth in just few minutes by scanning the mouth of a patient.
  • Trios Digital Scanner: A fast and easy way to document accurate digital impression. This helps us scan every patient and keep track of changes in teeth and any potential issues.
  • CEREC Blue Cam:Scanning of teeth and gingival is easier than ever before with CEREC Blue Cam. The seamless scanning process helps deliver impressive depth of the site and enables patients to understand and accept therapy proposals.
  • Digital X-rays: Also known as digital imaging, captures the data throughout the patients examination and sends it to the computer to view it on the screen.
  • Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT): This special imaging technique used when regular dental x-rays are not sufficient. It is important in diagnosis and treatment planning of orthodontics, dental implants, oral surgery and endodontics.
  • Diagnodent Caries Detection: Uses laser fluorescence to help in detection of caries within the tooth structure and monitor the areas below the hard surfaces.
  • iO Glidewell Milling unit: A system which provide an option to offer same day dental restorations by capturing intraoral scans, design restoration and send all of the information to a dental lab.
  • 3D printer for surgical guides: The use of 3D dental printers provides high accuracy data quickly and efficiently, which can improve the clinical outcomes in dental surgeries.
  • Fotona laser: There's no need for injectables or surgery. Achieve a full range of precise hard and soft-tissue treatment with a greater patient satisfaction.
  • Periolase laser: A dental laser that has simplified the gum surgery involving less time and also significantly reduces patient discomfort. Healing is quicker and in most cases patients might recover in less than 24 hours.
  • Drufomat machine: Used to create removable dental appliances such as as nightguards, sports mouthguards, and retainers.
  • Alpha Stim M: A microcurrent and cranial electrotherapy stimulator. It is a proven and sustainable non-drug relief for pain, anxiety depression and Insomnia.
  • SureSmile aligners: A nearly invisible alternate to your metal braces to transform your smile. This ideal solution to straighten your teeth involves use of clear aligners for tooth movement.
  • Invisalign: This is a form of braces that use clear tray aligners to straighten your teeth are made of invisalign's own blend of plastic.
  • Ozone generator: A clinical ozone gas generator is considered an effective microbicide in dentistry to kill the bacteria fungi, viruses and protozoans.
  • Joint Vibration Analysis: A quick and non-invasive test performed by a dentist to evaluate temporomandibular joint (TMJ). This can help dentist to analyze motion and friction that lead to TMJ disorders.
  • Jaw Tracker: A technical procedure to track mandibular movement using a three-dimensional (3D) optical scanner and target tracking system.
  • Pharyngometer: The advanced Pharyngometry is used to screen patients prior to diagnosis of snoring and sleep apnea issues.
  • Rhinometer/Rhinomanometer: A standard technique for measuring nasal airway resistance and airflow during breathing.
  • MLS Class IV Laser: An advanced laser therapy system to alleviate acute and chronic pain. It produces an efficient and simultaneous effect on pain, inflammation, and edema.
  • Tek-Scan: A tactile force measurement and pressure mapping solution enabling to create better and differentiated products.
  • Platelet Rich Fibrin: Application of Platelet-rich fibrin in dentistry is helpful for recovery and healing in surgeries and for tissue regeneration.

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