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General Dentist - Your Front Liners In Dentistry

General Dentistry Procedures

General Dentists are considered maidens in oral health problems. They offer a comprehensive line-up of procedures that also include cosmetic procedures. General dentists don’t just stop with dental school but go on to pursue further education by attending workshops, lectures, and additional courses, thus acquiring higher education than a DDS and DMD degree.

So, what are the procedures that a general dentist performs?

Since general dentists are referred to as our primary dental caretakers they treat and manage the overall dental care. The basic expectations from a general dentist are visual inspections and evaluation of teeth and gum health, teeth and gums X-rays, Sleep apnea treatment, Tooth sealants, minor dental procedures like cavity removal, root canals, dental crowns, and cleaning.

Having said that, here is a list of the procedures a general dentist might have to perform or get an experienced specialist to do:

  1. Restorative Procedures
  2. Maxillofacial Procedures
  3. Laser Procedures

Restorative Procedures

Fillings: A procedure used to cover tooth decay and cavities. Fillings can also repair injured teeth. After evaluation and x-rays are done, if a filling is needed then it is preceded.

Root Canals: This procedure removes infected tissues that are inside the root of the tooth. Dentists use antibacterial filings and then the tooth is capped by a crown.

Crowns: These crowns are made of porcelain, gold, silver and a combination of porcelain and metal. These crowns repair decayed and completely damaged teeth.

Bridges: Replacing missing teeth by using pontic, these artificial replacements are placed around the teeth.

Dentures: This is also a procedure to replace damaged and missing teeth.

Tooth extractions: a procedure done to remove badly decayed or injured teeth.

Wisdom tooth: One of the most common dental surgeries.

Material used in Restorative Procedures

The material used in Restorative Dental procedures are Glass Ionomers, Composites, Metals, Amalgam Alloys, Noble and Base Metals, Polymers and Ceramics.

Maxillofacial Procedures

These maxillofacial procedures include treatment of the face, mouth and jaw. They also include some oral surgeries like dental implants, TMJ, cleft lip palate and reconstructive procedures.

Periodontal Treatment

Periodontal treatments are procedures done to treat less invasive and major gum disease, tooth scaling, and cleaning.

Laser Procedures

This procedure involves the use of dental equipment. Lasers are used to remove decayed teeth, tooth whitening and during bonding procedures.

What can you tell your general dentist?

Don’t shy away from clarifying your doubts with your general dentist during your appointment. You can confide about your daily routines, use of dental products and your dental care. If sensitivity is felt during the treatment and cleaning, mention it to your dentist immediately. Tell your dentist about your current health conditions.

Take away

Look for one of the best dentists in Cary for your general dentistry needs. Our general dentist in Cary NC and Raleigh NC is very welcoming and can make you feel comfortable and have many years of experience in general dentistry.

The needs for dental treatment varies with age. Your natural teeth can be maintained by taking good care of them such as regular dental visits, a healthy diet, and good care taken at home. Visit your general dentist to know more about our dental care and restore your smile before it becomes long-lost.

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