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Can Invisalign Be Used With Dental Implants?

Can Invisalign Be Used With Dental Implants | Raliegh | Cary

Multiple options can be used to improve a smile and its attraction. Dental implants are predominantly used to replace lost or missing teeth. In our previous blog we have explained about the procedures of dental implants in Raleigh. At the same time, if you're looking for well-aligned and straighter teeth, Invisalign treatment in Raleigh is used.

The Confusing Question About Dental Implants and Invisalign Treatment in Raleigh:

Now, the question is: "Can both treatments simultaneously be possible?" Reach out to Dr. Charles Ferzli. He is a renowned dentist at Smiles of Cary who can answer these questions and guide you. The dentist serves nearby communities like Cary, NC, and Raleigh, NC. Let us discuss if Invisalign can be used with dental implant treatment.

Dental Implants and Invisalign in Raleigh:

Dentists suggest dental implants in Raleigh treatment when a patient has lost his teeth due to an accident, illness, or injury. At the same time, Invisalign treatment in Raleigh is advised to straighten protruding or misaligned teeth. If a patient wants to go for both treatments, it is possible as both are compatible with each other.

3 Features That Make the Invisalign and Dental Implants in Raleigh Distinctive:

  1. Permanent:

    Dental implants in Cary are permanent. Once the treatment is over, it gives a natural look. The position, shape, and angle once set are permanent and with the patient for the rest of his life. These implants adjust and reposition surrounding teeth. It is for this reason that orthodontic treatments like Invisalign treatment in Cary are quite effective for people with dental implants.

  2. No Complexity:

    If the dental implant in Raleigh is successful and there is no complexity involved, the patient may also go for the Invisalign treatment in Cary. These clear aligners gently push the teeth within the oral cavity until teeth are well aligned with the jawline. These aligners are very soft and gentle and push teeth very slowly and gradually without disturbing implants.

  3. Teeth Alignment:

    Before going for Invisalign treatment in Raleigh, patients with dental implants can go for the treatment, making things easier overall. The orthodontist treating the problem helps give more flexibility to the implant design to ensure a perfect smile. If the patient lacks enough bone support or the problem is deteriorating with time, the dentist may suggest invisalign treatment in Raleigh. The dentist may also prescribe correct sequence order keeping the permanent position of the implant in mind.


Thus, if you have implants already, you can still go for the Invisalign treatment in Raleigh. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Charles Ferzli at Smiles of Cary today and opt for the Invisalign treatment. He is the best service provider in Cary NC and Raleigh NC.

You can also ask more questions from your dentist and get answers before going for the treatment. Inspect our website and arrange for an appointment right away. For more information call us at (919) 646-6538 and schedule an appointment today.

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