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What to Anticipate After Undergoing Dental Implant Treatment?

7 Things to Expect After the Dental Implants

Dental implant treatment is the best solution for missing teeth. Now, this is not like any other prosthesis where the healing is complete in just a day or two. Dental implant treatment is an oral surgery only to be performed by experienced professionals who have carried out surgeries before. Because, only if you consult proficient dental implants experts, you can be well aware of things that you can anticipate after the treatment. In our previous blog, we have explained the possibility of affixing Invisalign after getting dental implants in Raleigh. Read on to discover certain post dental implant surgery routines you must follow.

7 Things to Expect After the Dental Implants Treatment in Raleigh:

  1. Practice Abstention:

    Post the surgery, your dentist in Cary, who is well versed in general dentistry, will come up with a set of instructions.This will definitely include shunning tobacco for weeks after the treatment. With tobacco usage, you can expect a far slower healing process. Alcohol increases swelling and pain in the incision site. Therefore abstaining from both is recommended.

  2. No Snacks That Are Chewy:

    Post dental implant, you can expect to be instructed not to eat anything that's chewy. The list includes food items such as chewing gum, chips, popcorn, nuts, candy floss, crackers, etc. Any small bites of such foods can get stuck in the implant causing infection.

  3. Oral Hygiene:

    This is mandatory when it comes to dental implants in Raleigh healing. The doctor will recommend you to rinse your mouth with warm water and salt. This should be done after every meal.

  4. Medicines:

    After dental implants in Cary, you can expect to take antibiotics to control any infection, pain and swelling. This requirement changes from case to case. If you have been instructed with a prescription, you should surely finish your course of medication.

  5. Cold Pack:

    If you feel swelling in the incision site, you can talk to your dentist in Raleigh. The general dentist will recommend you to go for a cold pack application. Apply it for twenty minutes with a gap of around thirty minutes before applying it again.

  6. No Hot and Cold Beverages:

    Post the dental implant, general dentistry in Raleigh will instruct you to avoid hot and cold drinks completely. These drinks can hit the dental implant surgery site and cause pain.

  7. Recommended Food Items:

    The food items that you should expect to eat after the surgery should be very soft for your teeth. Oatmeal can be a good option. You can go for broth soups, applesauce and yogurt, but without any nuts. It's better to avoid too much sugar in your meals. Also, mashed rice and potatoes with some butter and cheese can be very soothing for your implant site.


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