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Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure, also called as LANAP is a great technology in the field of dental health which is used in the treatment of gums to improve the depth of pockets and also to increase the density of the bone in those patients who are having periodontal diseases from low-risk to high. Dentists have been using this technique for more than a decade, but the usage became higher when the Food and Drug Administration approved it in 2004. This technology overcomes the drawbacks of old or traditional technique. The implementation has improved the depth of pockets and mass of bone in several patients. Dentists those who are using this technique are well trained and certified from Millennium Dental technology Inc. in California.

More than 75% of the Americans are affected by gum disease which can also be called periodontal disease. Gum disease can be divided into 2 types: Gingivitis(in the beginning stage) and periodontitis (the advanced stage). Periodontitis can again be subdivided into 2 forms: aggressive and chronic forms. Some periodontitis which will affect the whole body and some for more than 3 months. Before starting the treatment, the patient needs to undergo a complete body checkup. Based on the health of the individual, treatment will start and it will be easy to achieve good results.

The co-operation between gum disease and health issues are getting better with the outgrowths of research in the field of dental health. The association between dental health and overall health strongly appreciated when the research continues. The tabulated details of individuals collected from the dentists where they visit and the visible oral exam are the media used to calculate the ability of a person approaching the connection between the periodontal diseases and health concerns.

Root planning will be done in the initial stages of periodontal disease with a non-surgical approach. In this non-surgical approach, scaling of the root surface is done which is called as tissue conditioning. This is also called scaling and root planning and SRP as an abbreviation. This treatment is done to push the bacterias on the root and to stop the expansion of the infection. To do so, you have to maintain oral health and periodontal cleaning appointments. If the gum is not maintained healthy and the treatment is not maintained as prescribed by your dentist, then you have to undergo the SRP treatment again.

Periodontal diseases have to be treated at the earliest or else it needs to be treated by surgery. If the non-surgical treatment of periodontal diseases is failed, then the curative treatment will succeed or even they might go for a competitive method of periodontal execution. Some old techniques or traditional methods may be painful for patients as while performing the surgery for periodontal diseases, even healthy tissues are to be cut. The LANAP protocol is the best option to go for since it is painless as well as it treats only the defective part and the healthy tissues will remain safe. And one more advantage is that, by going with this option post-operative swelling, pain or sensitivity in that area can be reduced. This treatment can be used ranging from medium risk to high-risk periodontal diseases.

Before starting any treatment, it is important to inform the patient about the treatment procedure and they must be aware of the same. The patients of mine have chosen the LANAP treatment and they are enjoying the post-operative life. LANAP is one such treatment where the patients can get what they are expecting. Our dental team aims to provide the best dental health to all and we are successful in it. Advising our patients to maintain good oral health is as good as maintaining our own.

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