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Holistic Dentistry Treatments in Cary

It is a widely believed fact that oral health does have an impact on your overall health. Holistic dentistry also is known as biologic dentistry, biological dentistry, alternative dentistry, unconventional dentistry or biocompatible dentistry, follows principles where the high emphasis is given to interlinks between oral health and overall health. Holistic dentists consider the entire human body as one unit when offering treatment. This ensures that dental care offered is completely safe and it positively contributes to the overall wellness of the body.

Our dentist has been practicing holistic dentistry for many years and has immense knowledge about what adverse effects toxins like mercury and fluoride can have on your overall health. Dr. Frezli and his team strongly recommend natural ways to treat any of your oral problems. Holistic dentistry treatment methodologies used by different dentists may vary, but one principle that every holistic dentist firmly believes is that mercury and other non-bio compatible materials used for dental fillings and restorations are toxins and can be harmful to our body.

Holistic dentistry provides a very contemporary approach to dental treatment. Dentists performing these holistic methods provide their patient's dental treatment options with no use of toxins, keeping in mind that their goal is to not only to improve oral health but also improve overall health.

Benefits of Holistic Dentistry

  1. A healthy positive boost not only for your mouth but also for your body:
    • Holistic dentistry uses natural and safe methods for dental treatments. This proves to be the safest form of treatment for your body and teeth.
  2. An overall health checkup:
    • As mentioned earlier, holistic dentistry not only takes care of your oral health but makes sure that the dental treatment performed has a positive influence on your overall health. So the patient undergoing a holistic dentistry treatment gets an accurate analysis of how his/her dental problems can be affecting his/her overall health.
  3. Toxin Materials are not used:
    • One of the major benefits of holistic dentistry is that they use natural safe methods while performing the dental treatment.
  4. Reversing the toxicity from previous dental treatment:
    • Holistic dentistry can help you find a healthier replacement option for your previously done amalgam filling, with your consent.
    • If you are residing in Cary, North Carolina or any neighboring community and are considering to treat your oral problems through holistic methods, then feel free to speak to our dentist Dr. Charles Ferzli or his team in Smiles of Cary.

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