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The Dental Crown Procedure: Before, During, and After the Treatment

Example of a ceramic crown

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap placed over a tooth to restore its shape, size, and strength. Crowns can be made from various materials like porcelain, ceramic, metal, and resin.

If your tooth is extensively damaged, a crown is generally effective to protect and strengthen it. The crown procedure involves several steps - from impressions to temporary crown placement to cementing the permanent crown. Here’s a complete walkthrough.

What Is a Dental Crown Procedure?

While dental implants are different from crowns, they both are used to replace a missing tooth. A dental crown caps a weakened tooth to protect and reinforce it. It can be placed for cosmetic reasons or to prevent a cracked tooth from further damage.

The procedure begins with filing the tooth to place a crown over it. Impressions are taken to create a temporary, then permanent crown. The dentist places both crowns using dental cement.

Step By Step Dental Crown Procedure

These are the five dental crown procedure steps .

  1. Impression and Shade Taking

    The first step is to make an impression with the putty of your teeth. This creates a model for the dental lab to craft the crown. Your dentist also determines the shade that will match your natural teeth esthetics. The crown color is customized to your teeth color.

  2. Preparation

    Your tooth is then filed down to make space for the crown placement. The enamel is removed to ensure the crown sits flush on your tooth without impacting your bite. Your tooth may be given a local anesthetic before filing.

  3. Final Impression

    Another impression is taken of the prepared tooth using a fine material. This captures intricate details for constructing an accurate permanent crown.

  4. Creating Your Temporary Crown

    A temporary crown is placed on your filed tooth to protect it while the permanent crown is made. This is crafted chairside from acrylic or plastic. You may experience sensitivity from temperature changes with the temporary crown.

  5. Permanent Crown Application

    It is tried on to ensure proper fit and bite comfort. The inside of the crown has a special cement applied. As the cement hardens, it permanently bonds the crown to your natural tooth. The entire dental crown procedure time takes about 2-3 weeks to reach and complete this step.

How to Care For the Crown After It Is Placed

Once your permanent crown is permanently in place, there are important at-home care steps to ensure it lasts as intended. Avoid sticky, hard foods, brush and floss gently around the crown, and avoid grinding your teeth.

Let your dentist know immediately if you have any persistent dental crown procedure pain, swelling, looseness, or changes to how your crown feels so they can help with any issues.

Potential Risks and Complications

While your dentist will take every precaution for smooth crown placements, there are some occasional risks to consider, including:

  • Sensitivity to hot/cold temperatures that may last days to weeks.
  • The crown feels bulky and requires adjustment.
  • An ill-fitting crown that needs replacement.
  • Temporary crown falling off before permanent placement.
  • Permanent crown loosening over time, requiring re-cementing or replacement.
  • Damage to a crown from grinding or chewing hard foods.

Let your dentist know if you experience any problems as soon as possible so they can help as needed. Proper at-home care helps avoid most issues.

Final Thoughts

Walking through what to expect with a crown can help you feel at ease about the dental crown procedure. While getting a dental crown may involve several appointments, the process allows your dentist to take their time for excellent, natural-looking results

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