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7 Common Reasons to Visit a General Dentistry

7 Reasons to Visit a General Dentistry

Dental visits are a must-do! Nobody should neglect it. Go to a general dentist, at least twice a year. This is a rule, which if broken will lead to major oral and money issues. Good oral hygiene can be maintained only with the help of general dentistry.

If you live in and around Cary or Raleigh NC and need a general dentist, search for the best “dentist near me Cary” or “dentist near me Raleigh” on the internet and fish out the best. In our previous blog, we have listed 11 questions to ask your dentist in Cary and Raleigh. However, an excellent recommendation would be Smiles of Cary where Dr. Charles Ferzli practices. There are many reasons to consult a dentist but the seven common reasons are as follows.

7 Reasons to Visit a Dentist in Cary & Raleigh:

  1. Unavoidable Dental Cleanings:

    Getting your teeth cleaned is very important. A dentist in Cary performs this procedure to keep the teeth and gums clean and healthy. This preventive measure will not lead to further complications like cavities, tooth loss, and more.

  2. Resist Tartar Formations:

    If plaque is not removed on time it becomes thicker and harder forming a tartar. This can be removed only with the help of a dentist. He/she will scrape off the layer with a scaler - a dental tool. Building up tartar leads to gum disease and tooth decay.

  3. Toothache Prevention:

    Various kinds of infections can cause toothache. A gum recession or even a worn-out enamel can drive you crazy with pain. When food or even air touches the affected area it can cause unbearable pain. So it is better to look for the best dentist in Raleigh or Cary NC and get it treated.

  4. Salvage a Damaged Tooth:

    Many reasons can cause a tooth to get damaged. If a damaged tooth is left untreated it can lead to bigger problems and also affect the gums. The bacteria slowly enter the tooth and gums and cause infections. Then you will need a root canal fix to help you.

  5. Cosmetic Treatments:

    Cosmetic treatments can be done by a general dentistry in Raleigh too. Regular checkups can open doors to discussions on getting cosmetic treatments done.

  6. Restorative Treatments:

    Early detection of bigger issues can be done during regular checkups.

  7. Gum Issues:

    If the infections in the gums are not treated on time it causes gum diseases. Gum disease comes in four painful stages. So it is always better to visit the dentist once in six months and keep a check on your teeth.


Dr. Charles Ferzli and his team at Smiles of Cary offer the best general dentistry in Cary and Raleigh NC. Dr. Charles Ferzli is a seasoned dental practitioner and the most reliable professional offering general dentistry. Browse through our website of Smiles of Cary to gather more information about our services. Call us at (919) 646-6538 to have a conversation with the representatives of Smiles of Cary right away.

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