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How Dental Implants Preserve Bone Health?

How Dental Implants Preserve Bone Health?

Making up your mind finally to get a dental implant is a big thing. Be it replacing a single tooth or an entire arch, implant surgeries need finding a highly specialized dental practitioner. A healthy, confident smile, preventing bone resorption, improving bites, etc. are some of the amazing advantages of Dental Implants. Hence, choosing the right implant dentist calls for a few factors. In our previous blog, we explained how dental implants preserve bone health. Read along to know the 5 tips to choose the best implant dentist. Let's check them out.

5 Tips to Find the Perfect Dentist for Dental Implants in Cary:

  1. Experience:

    This is a 101 of finding an implant dentist near you in Cary. No matter how prolonged the credentials are or which university/medical school a dentist belongs to, first hand experience is incomparable. It's the knowledge that a dentist achieves by conducting implant surgery for over years, lending beautiful smiles to multitudes of patients. When you say that your dentist has years of experience and has worked on more than 100s of cases till now, you will have confidence to go ahead with this specialist.

  2. Cost of the Procedure:

    You can avoid this factor when it comes to a specialized dental procedure. So, instead of searching for a "cheaper" dental implant, find a one which can offer you a warranty or insurance support. Cheaper might not fetch you a better treatment. Hence, make a sound investment that will last for a lifetime.

  3. Location:

    Location is an important factor for choosing an implant dentist. You will not want to drive for miles after having the surgery. Also, it gets difficult if you need to see the dentist for anything urgent during your treatment or recovery period. So, choose an implant dentist in Cary in a location which is convenient to your workplace and home.

  4. Recommendations:

    This is a key factor that will help you pick the right implant dentist. Check for recommendations/word of mouth from neighbors, friends, relatives about the dentist, his team, equipment, behavior, specialization and clinic.

  5. Qualifications:

    You will certainly not go to a general dentistry in Cary or a family dentist to get your implant dentistry done. So, qualifications are very important when it comes to doing a specialized and complex surgery like implants. It needs special education and training with profound knowledge. Also, see from which medical school the dentist pursued his degree from. Make a thorough search for a certified and well-qualified prosthodontist.


To have all the above conditions fulfilled for dental implants in Cary, visit Dr. Charles Ferzli, having all that is needed for an adept dentist. For more call us at 919-646-6538 and schedule an appointment today.

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