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Dental Implant Steps: What to Expect During Your Procedure

4 Steps Of Dental Implant Procedure

Today, many patients are known to choose dental implants. Realizing the nitty gritties of the procedure involved in affixing implants will provide the patient with a sense of comfort. In our previous blog, we have explained 5 reasons why dental implants in Raleigh are worth the investment. You will undoubtedly be able to make an informed choice about your dental health after gaining knowledge about dental implants and the procedure involved in dental implants.

4 Things to Expect During Dental Implants in Cary & Raleigh:

  1. Surgery Preparation:

    The dentist at our general dentistry in Cary will analyze the situation of the gums, teeth, and jawbone during the initial appointment. This can be achieved by using technology like x-ray or even a scan done through 3D. The doctor will also develop a personalized surgical plan. In order to obtain imprints of their teeth, gums, and surrounding tissues, the patient bites into a hardening liquid. This aids the dentist's work.

  2. Implant Placement:

    If the missing tooth is still in the patient's mouth, the doctor will retrieve it. To place the dental implants, the dentist would then make a hole in the jawbone. In order to reveal the bone, they also may make a cut in the gums. The implant will later be affixed inside the bone right where the tooth would be positioned. The entire procedure may take one or two hours; even so, it is best to avoid any other obligations for the remaining portion of the day since the timeframe of the process will vary depending on the patient.

  3. Abutment as Well as Tooth Positioning:

    The dentist in Cary will affix an abutment once the implant is completely attached with the jaw. The dentist will use a dental wrench to tighten the abutment after administering anesthesia. The dentist could also suggest an abutment during the same time as the implant for some patients. The dentist would therefore connect the synthetic tooth to the attachment point once the gums have healed.

  4. Healing Period Following the Initial Procedure:

    The process of healing can last several months. During this period, the jawbone and dental implants develop in tandem. The patient's diet is confined to soft foods during the first few weeks after surgery. Patients can pick out a temporary tooth which will be attached above the implant while the implant heals.


Seek advice from a dentist to know whether you are eligible for dental implants or not. If you are looking for dental implants in Raleigh, Smiles of Cary is the finest dental clinic to avail dental implants. Dr. Charles Ferzli at Smiles of Cary will help you create an individualized dental plan exclusively for you. Call us at (919) 646-6538 to arrange an appointment with Dr. Charles Ferzli who practices at Smiles of Cary.

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